IIT JEE Chemistry video lectures

Reading this will help value of iit jee chemistry video lectures better than ever. As soon as you move into class 11th from class 10th, chemistry reaches an all new level. It breaks into several branches that you had never heard of before. You had learnt about valences and atoms and how carbon is a special element but you never though that you would be studying carbon and non-carbon elements in such great detail. The situation with chemistry changes a lot more for the ones who decide to prepare for JEE or any engineering entrance exam. The classroom is just not enough to understand so many new concepts that are thrown on your face every single day. How do you deal with the pressure and prepare for your JEE exam?

While most of the students go to a coaching class to learn chemistry, the smart ones opt for IIT JEE chemistry video lectures. These lectures are better than classroom training for various reasons. We will discuss them later on but first, let us analyze the new form of chemistry unknown to you. Chemistry in class 11th breaks down into 3 main parts.

  • Physical Chemistry: This part of chemistry has all the basic concepts of chemistry that are not related to the specific atomic or molecular properties of the elements. This part of chemistry is covered extensively in iitjee chemistry video lectures. It is recommended that you go through the videos to understand the importance of physical chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry: This part of chemistry deal with all the carbon and carbon related compounds and their properties. The properties of carbon and hydrocarbon compounds are no genera studies. The students are expected to understand whatever is being told in classroom but at the same time, they are not given enough time and attention to grasp everything.
  • Non-Organic Chemistry: Once you are done with organic chemistry, it comes the turn of non-organic chemistry. As per many students, non-organic chemistry is easier as compared to organic chemistry. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go through video lectures for IIT JEE chemistry lectures to ensure that you do not leave anything. A student should cover each and every topic of each and every chapter. If a student fails to do this, he or she might end up with a failure at his or her disposal.

Students, in an attempt to understand the new form of chemistry, join coaching classes. While this seems like a great idea in the start, as the time passes, students realize such coaching classes hardly help. If you ask me, the best way to study chemistry is to mix self-study with video lectures. Most stress should be laid on self-study. BUT how do you learn new concepts? This is where IIT JEE chemistry video lectures come into action. These video lectures are great because:

  • They cover all the chapters.
  • They are explanatory.
  • They are ideal for learning at your own pace.
  • They have good number of examples for you to understand.
  • They have enough illustrations to make things easy.
  • They are developed by the best teachers.
  • They give you the ability to study anything and anywhere.

When there is so much that you can accomplish by mere going through a few IIT JEE mains chemistry video lectures, there is no reason why you should not put your time in them!

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