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Mechanics 70 hrs.

Theory lectures of circular motion, center of mass linear momentum collision,friction, gravitation, newton’s laws motion, one dimensional motion, rotational motion, two dimensional motion, unit dimensions errors, vectors and scalars,
work power energy.
aieee past papers solutions of rotational motion, gravitation, nlm work power
Basic level problems linear momentum, unit dimensions errors, basic level problems work power & energy, basic level problems in 1d 2d motion, basic level problems gravitation,
basic level problems newton’s laws, basic level problems rotational motion
iit jee 2012 papers solution mechanics, solutions 1d 2d motions, conservational laws, solutions gravitation, iit jee solutions nlm friction, solutions of new paper mechanics, solutions rotational motion
, solutions work power energy, unit dimensions errors
jee mains level problems 1d 2d motion, gravitation, newton’s laws, work power, rotational motion, unit dimension errors, mechanics.

NCERT class 11th physics exercise Solutions gravitation, one dimensional motion, rotational motion, two dimensional motion, units and measurements, work energy power, laws of motion

Waves simple harmonic motion gpm .

Theory lectures of waves oscillations, calorimetry, elasticity, fluid mechanics, kinetic,gases, simple harmonic motion, thermodynamics

IIT JEE Solution update for physics part, fluids kinetic, gases, simple harmonic motion, thermodynamics, waves oscillations, gpm waves shm

Basic lecvel problems gpm waves shm, fluids, elasticity, kinetic theory of gases, heat transfer, simple harmonic motion, thermodynamics,

AIEEE Solitions waves, elasticity, fluids, ktg, shm, surface tension, thermodynamics, heat transfer.
NCERT class1t hphysics solutions waves, kinetic theoryof gases, mechanical properties of fluids, mechanical properties of solids, oscillations, thermodynamics,
thermometric, waves.

Electricity magnetism 78 hours high quality video lectures.
Theory lectures, IIT JEE and AIEEE solutions and class 12th NCERT of magnetic effects of current, magnetism, alternating current, current electricity, electrostatics, capacitors and electromagnetic induction.
Optics and modern physics 60 hours online or offline lectures.
Theory lectures, IIT JEE and AIEEE solutions and class 12th NCERT of electron photon pee, wave optics, x-rays, electromagnetic waves, nuclear physics, optical instruments, ray optics, refraction, semiconductors,atomic structure, wave optics,De-broglie waves,atomic structure, x-rays.
90 hrs Videos contains theory lectures of jee main advanced chemistry with iit jee past paper, aieee past papers, ncert class 11th 12th exercise solutions of
Periodicity, atomic structure, basic principles of chemistry, chemical kinetics, chemistry bonding, ionic and chemical equilibrium, kinetic theory of gases,
nuclear chemistry, redox reaction and electrochemistry, solid state, chemical solutions, states of matter, surface chemistry, thermodynamics and chemical energetic.
36 Hours videos of theory lectures of jee mains advance chemistry and jee past papers solutions, aieee past papers, ncert class 11th 12th exercise solutions of
Light metals alkali, alkaline metals, chemical analysis, comparative study representative element, coordination chemistry, metallurgy,
non metals boron, halogens and Nobel gases, non metals, hydrogen nitrogen and transition elements.
52 hours video lectures of iit jee mains advance chemistry theory and jee past papers solutions, aieee past papers, ncert class 11th 12th exercise solutions of
Polymers, alcohol phenol ether, aldehydes and ketones, basic organic chemistry, bio molecules, carboxylic acid and its derivative, halo alkanes, hydro carbons and nitrogen carbon compound.
Theory, iit jee and aieee lectures of maths chapter of total 99 hours.
Algebra of determinants, matrices, mathematical induction, binomial theorem, complex number, exponential logarithmic series, permutation and combination,
quadratic equation, sequence and series, sets relation.
Pair of straight lines, hyperbola, lines, ellipse, parabola and circles
Inverse trigonometric functions, height and distance, properties of triangle, trigonometric equation and trigonometric ratio.
Theory and past iit jee, aieee paper solution in video of total 76
Integration, definite integration, differential equation, applications of derivative, area under curve, definite integration, differentiation, function, integration and
limits continuity.
43 hours video class of maths includes theory and past papers of jee and aieee three.
Chapter covered 3 dimension coordinate geometry, vectors, coordinate geometry, probability, statistics, dynamics and statics

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