IIT JEE video lectures are the latest way to crack the entrance exam for the country’s most prestigious engineering institutes. A student preparing for JEE has to learn more than an average preparing for the 12th board examinations. This is mainly because IIT JEE tests the student on advanced topics. The JEE examination covers 3 major subjects – physics, chemistry and math. A student preparing for IIT JEE is expected to ace all these 3 subjects. The chapters included are difficult to learn. Some of these chapters are so hard that a student has to join special coaching where he is prepared to solve such tricky questions. However, there are a few problems with coaching classes that parents and students fail to consider. For example, the student is not given enough attention and time to grasp things. The batch size is huge and it is impossible for the teacher to concentrate on every student.

On the other hand, IIT JEE video lectures allow a student to learn and grasp the subject at his or her own pace. This is important because if a student does not get enough time to learn a topic, he might not be able to answer it later in the exam. This is also important because knowing a topic will boost a student’s will to learn and his elevate his confidence. Video lectures for IIT JEE cover all three major subjects that are required to clear a JEE exam. In fact, IIT JEE video lectures are created keeping in mind all the topics that a student must know to do well in the exam. Video lectures that are available on our website contain all the important topics that you must study for IIT JEE examination. A few examples of important topics that you should definitely study are:

  • Mathematics: Integration, algebra, probability, series and numbers, determinants, permutation and combination, geometry, coordinate geometry, trigonometry and calculus.
  • Physics: Light, electricity, magnetism, heat transfer, thermodynamics, motion, inertia, friction, waves, simple harmonic motion, kinematics, dimensions and rotational motion.
  • Chemistry: atomic structure, chemical bonds, valence, chemical equilibrium, chemical kinematics, thermodynamics, surface chemistry, acidity and alkalinity, metallurgy, organic chemistry, polymers, hydro carbons and derivatives of carbons and hydro carbons.

There are a lot more benefits of preparing for IIT JEE through video lectures. In fact, you should check out our free IIT JEE video lectures. They will give you an idea on the quality of the content in the videos. In fact, even our free IIT JEE video lectures are better than most of the paid IIT JEE content available elsewhere.

There are a few more reasons why you should consider buying IIT JEE video lectures and not the usual classroom written notes. Apart from learning at your own pace, video lectures help you to repeat the same topic again and again until and unless you are totally well versed with the content. The video lectures for iit jee are highly detailed and filled with examples. This eventually helps you to understand the concepts better and do well in your IIT JEE exam.

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