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Rotation Mo.
Ray optics
Atomic struct.
Chem. solution
Appli. of deri.
Pair of S.L

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Ray Optics
Rotational Mo.
E.M. Induction
Elec. photo.& PEE
Fluid Mechanic
Circular Motion

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Basic P.O.C.
Atomic Structure
Thermo. & C.E.
Nitrogen C.C.

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Appli. of Deri.
Area Under Curve
Pair of S.L.
No matter if you have just started preparing for IIT JEE or going to appear for the engineering entrance exam this year, you should not wait and procrastinate about studying. Rather you should act pro-actively and straight-away start with your preparations. One way that students use to study is through coaching classes and classroom notes. These ways are tried and tested, but there are better options too. One of the latest ways to study and prepare for IIT JEE is through video lectures. The video lectures are interesting and explain in great detail all the concepts and terms that should be covered for IIT JEE exam.

In case you are willing to try this new method out, go ahead and download IIT JEE video lectures from our website. In fact, to help out the students, we have a special section from where you can download free IIT JEE video lectures. These video lectures are aimed at covering all the important chapters from all three subjects – physics, chemistry and mathematics. If you are not confident if you should rely on this learning technique and download video lectures for IIT JEE, read on to find out about the topics that are covered in the video lectures.

Mathematics: This is a scoring subject and an important one. In fact, many things that you learn in maths are used in physics and chemistry to solve numerical. For example, differentiation learnt in maths is used a lot in physics numerical and formulae derivation. Our video lectures cover all the topics from algebra to integration and everything in between. Proceed to download IIT JEE video lectures now and see for yourself.

Physics: Physics holds a lot of importance in the life of an engineer. It teaches you and what’s and why’s of everything around us. It helps in understanding how machines work and how light travels. It also teaches us everything about electricity and magnetism. A student preparing for IIT JEE should know all these chapters. Therefore, we have created video lectures that explain all these terms. We have also included appropriate examples and numerical wherever required. Download free IIT JEE video lectures today and start preparing.

Chemistry: Chemistry for IIT JEE is divided into 3 parts – Physical, organic and Inorganic. Each of these is different and requires a certain level of expertise to teach. We make sure that only the best content on all these 3 topics make it into our video. Therefore, the IIT JEE video lectures on this website are of top notch quality and the content is just amazing. Download video lectures for IIT JEE and start learning from the experts.

The video lectures for IIT JEE on this website are easy to follow. They are up to date with the latest syllabus. Also, they are as per the latest JEE pattern. As already mentioned, they cover all the important chapters of all three main subjects of IIT JEE examination. You can download IIT JEE video lecture straight away and start learning from day 1. Unlike classroom study, you are not dependent on a teacher and free to learn at your own pace.